Watch: The new ‘Footloose’ looks just like the original, unfortunately

06.22.11 8 years ago 4 Comments

At first, I said, “They’re remaking ‘Footloose’? Sacrilege! How dare they!” And then I remembered, wait, we’re talking about “Footloose” here, not “Citizen Kane.” And you know what “Footloose” is about? A kid who moves to a small town that has banned DANCING. You know, that thing that’s good exercise, nonviolent and won’t get you pregnant? Yeah, that dancing. The movie did make Kevin Bacon a star, but it also burdened us with the unspeakably heinous title track by Kenny Loggins. So no, remaking “Footloose” isn’t sacrilege, but there are some parts of the 80s that are better left buried. But oh well, here’s the remake!

Starring Julianne Hough as the hot preacher’s daughter and Kenny Wormald as Kevin Bacon, I mean, city kid Ren, the trailer looks like a slicker, better choreographed shot-for-shot remake of the original film. Sort of like what Gus Van Sant did for “Psycho,” and we all know how well that went over. Of course, this movie isn’t really for fans of the original, who are, like, old. On the bright side, the dancing looks a heck of a lot better this time around, Whether a new generation will be get over the dumb factor of the movie’s main conceit will just have to be seen. In any case, the cast is pretty, the cinematography’s decent and there’s probably enough dancing to help you forget the stupid scenes at town council. See the trailer for yourself below.

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