Watch: The Ting Tings tell you to ‘Hang It Up’ in a skate park

10.18.11 8 years ago

“Everybody loves somebody to hate.”

It’s just too easy.

So I’ll say that “Hang It Up” is very much the Ting Tings. Particularly with the squirrelly guitars and rap-singing, this track in particular sounds like Weezer with a cheerleader at the front.

The band is again trying to ramp up chatter about its sophomore set, which may arrive as early as January 16 next year. They’ve shifted over to Roc Nation, so it’s still in question if there will be any major alteration to their pop-loving punky songlets.

Check out the video for “Hang It Up” below, featuring some skate park spills, the potential for a sword-fight beatdown and a grown woman in softball knee-highs.

If I seem crabby, it’s because the Ting Tings’ last attempt to step up to the, erm, plate was with “Two Hands”… all the way back in August of last year. That track shows a lot of potential and indication of growth. This? Not so sure. Will it be worth a four-year wait?

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