Watch the trailer to Kevin Smith’s horror movie ‘Tusk’

“This guy wants to turn me into an animal, or something.”

There's a timbre and vernacular to the trailer of “Tusk” that may immediately click with Kevin Smith fans. There's equal bits of familial nerdery, fun with tropes, earnest situational horror and a podcaster (played by Justin Long) at the center of it.

Smith presented footage his next project to an eager Comic-Con audience on Friday night (July 25) in Hall H of the convention center, and in his fashion appropriately encouraging attendeees to take video of the clip he presented.

Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks star alongside Long, who fears he may lose his life in Canada due to a Walrus-related transformation.

When it wasn't time to “Tusk,” it was time for a jovial Smith to talk about his visit to the set of J.J. Abrams' “Star Wars Episode VII,” how he had to sign a non-disclosure agrrement on “Star Wars,” how bizzay “Star Wars” makes he and his wife, and recalled his trip up the ramp to the Millennium Falcon.

“I take one step on that platform [of the ship]… With my first step, my 40s disappeared… my second, I was deep in my 30s and suddenly 'Cop Out' disappeared — what a world it was. And I took another step and I was in my 20s, making 'Clerks' and sh*t'…” he relayed. “I was 10-years-old again… I just started crying.”