Watch: The video for Timbaland’s ‘If We Ever Meet Again’ feat. Katy Perry

01.19.10 9 years ago

Usually Katy Perry is such a charming presence in videos that she overcomes any weakness in plot, but even she can”t help this senseless video that ties a big time jewelry crime ring… well, we actually can”t figure out what it ties in to. It has absolutely nothing to do with the song, “If We Ever Meet Again.”

While we”re spewing bile, there”s not much of a song here. By the time we get to the breakdown at the 4:30 mark or so, even Timbaland and Perry look bored. It”s a shame because the chorus is mildly catchy and could have turned into something really memorable. It”s not like Timbaland doesn”t know how to write a hook, but he left this one half-baked.

Speaking of lacking, Timbaland and Perry have absolutely no chemistry as they stand side by side throughout much of the video. She could have at least pretended he was Russell Brand or something.

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