Watch: The year in pop music boiled down to a fun five minutes

12.29.10 8 years ago

Looking for a quick way to recap the year in pop or for a fun parlor game for your New Year”s Eve party or a way to combat cabin fever if you”re still snowed in?

Watch the below video and see how many of the 25 tunes you can name. We present DJ Earworm”s “United State of Pop 2010,” in which the mash-up artist takes the top 25 songs on Billboard”s year-end Hot 100 chart and condenses them into a five-minute Cliff”s Notes version of the year–but it”s a lot more entertaining.  He mainly uses Ke$ha”s “Tik Tok” and Taio Cruz”s “Dynamite” as the backdrops, giving mighty short shrift to Train”s “Hey Soul Sister,” but he still manages to get Lady Antebellum”s “Need You Now” in there amid a sea of dance-oriented songs from the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. If you follow the European charts, Earworm has also created some fun versions for you to watch.

As we noted in out Top Singles list here, pop music came roaring back in all its forms in 2010, providing us with some of the most disposable, yet lovable, songs in years.

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