Watch: Tom Cruise rips Robert Pattinson in new MTV Movie Awards promo

05.29.10 9 years ago

It’s fairly obvious why Tom Cruise is reprising his Les Grossman character from “Tropic Thunder” in a series of new MTV Movie Awards promos.  The bits allow him to promote his upcoming comedy thriller “Knight and Day” and poke fun at himself, something Cruise hasn’t always been able to do in his “oh, so serious” career.  It’s unclear whether “Tropic Thunder” director Ben Stiller (a friend of Cruise’s) or “Thunder’s” screenwriter Justin Theroux (who recently wrote “Iron Man 2”) were involved in the spots, but to say they have been more inspired than Grossman’s character in the movie is an understatement.

MTV already debuted one spot where Cruise played both the over the top movie studio executive (no doubt inspired by Scott Rudin and David Geffen) coaching the real Cruise on the set of “Risky Business.”  Now, the network has released a new spot where Grossman chews out none other than Robert Pattinson for even contemplating washing his ever-oily hair.  Very funny stuff whether you’re a “Twilight” fan or not.

You can check out both spots below.

The MTV Movie Awards air on MTV Sunday, June 6. Look for complete coverage of the show on HitFix as the summer’s big award show hits the airwaves.

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