Watch: Willow Smith builds something from nothing in ’21st Century Girl’

03.07.11 8 years ago

Hey, do you wanna feel old today? Yeah, because Willow Smith was born in the year 2000. That’s right. Put that cigarette down, stop drinking coffee.

And her year of birth may have a little to do with why her new single “21st Century girl” came into existence, and there’s some video to prove it.

The Def Jam signee and Will Smith’s prodigy endeavors into the desert genre of music video-making with the track. She rises from the ground after a bit of witchcraft transforms her into a fashion abomination and rocks the f out. You can tell she’s rocking because she “plays” a guitar for about two seconds. Her little friends come out to play and build a city in the abyss of sand and then they dance on top of cars and stuff.

It’s as colorful and obnoxious as an Old Navy commercial.

But this video is not for me, and as was the truth about her “Whip My Hair” video, it’s age appropriate. But it hurts. It looks unnatural. At least she’s not wearing bustiers and high heels: because otherwise, Willow (she may or may not be going single-named) is just doing her best impersonations of Rihannas and Ke$has, sans sexual innuendo. Nothing new to see here, folks, except that it’s done by a privileged 10-year-girl.

And why should we be critical? If she really is trying to be the voice of the new generation, it’d be the hope that someone can do what we did, only better.

Or maybe I’m just cranky. I can’t find my cane.

What do you think of the clip?

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