Watch: ‘Win Win’ bloopers in The National’s ‘Think You Can Wait’ video

It’s a somber song for such a funny movie, but maybe that’s why it works: The National’s “Think You Can Wait” featuring my SXSW crush Sharon Van Etten now has an accompanying clip, and it looks behind the scenes a bit of the Paul Giamatti movie.

As previously reported, I had the chance to talk to the Brooklyn rock act’s Matt Berninger about recording the track specifically for the Tom McCarthy Sundance pick.

“We knew he was a serious director,” Berninger said, saying the story to “Win Win” was “just the kind of thing our music would work well for… This was the first time we had written specifically for a film. We wouldn’t normally do that, but Tom McCarthy’s movies are so good. Watching [‘Win Win’] helped inspire the way the song was written. I mean, it isn’t at all narrative to what happens in the movie — we don’t mention Paul Giamatti by name or anything. But it was fun, and it’s a good song, we’re very proud of it.”

Bloopers and outtakes from the film are included in the vid, with a couple of laugh-out-loud moments for viewer and actors alike. As for the band, they’re featured quite stoic, almost unmoving, the lighting spreading out nice behind them. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

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What do you think of the song? Was it a good choice for the film?