Watch: Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ video takes the mantra literally

Wiz Khalifa’s single “Work Hard, Play Hard” has its music video companion, and it features the rappers’ mantra taken quite literally, with ballers, hard laborers and even ballerinas setting to work, then landing at his pad to play.

The track — culled ahead of Wiz’ Aug. 28 drop of album “O.N.I.F.C.” — could use a good remix. And frankly I’d take that third verse and set it on all sorts of fire due to criminal laziness. But the refrains sticks well, his matter-of-fact yopfills in the them nicely and it could crossover into all sorts of playlists.

Look out, Springsteen. Maybe Wiz is the new populism spokesdude.

“O.N.I.N.C.” is the follow-up to Khalifa’s 2011 breakthrough album “Rolling Papers.” Confirmed guest include 50 Cent, who is taking a break from movie duties to make new music again, Curren$y, Pharrell Williams, Cam”ron and the Weeknd. The “Black and Yellow” rhymer is slated for the Rock the Bells hip-hop tour this summer.