‘Weeds’ star will reign over NBC’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ pilot

“Weeds” star Justin Kirk has been cast in the lead role on NBC’s comedy pilot “Animal Kingdom.”
According to Deadline.com, Kirk will play veterinarian who loves animals but hates their owners, in what sounds like “House” or “Becker” with pets.
“Animal Kingdom” is a single-camera comedy from Brian Gatewood and Alex Tanaka, with “Community” and “Arrested Development” favorites Anthony and Joe Russo set to direct.
Kirk is still expected to return for the upcoming eighth (and possibly final) season of “Weeds,” but he currently doesn’t have a contract. Regardless, production on “Weeds” will likely to nestled between pilot and series production on “Animal Kingdom,” so no interference would necessarily be required.
This is probably self-evident, but we’ll still emphasize that this “Animal Kingdom” is not to be confused with Showtime’s in-development adaptation of the Oscar nominated Aussie crime drama “Animal Kingdom.”