Weird Al Yankovic’s Story of Playing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with James Brown is Unbelievable

10.01.14 5 years ago

A few months ago we dug up footage of “Weird Al” Yankovic on a celebrity edition of “Wheel of Fortune” with Little Richard and James Brown. It might be the greatest clip on the internet. Just be aware of that.

Weird Al joined Seth Meyers last night for a brief chat, and to my shock and amazement he discussed playing “Wheel of Fortune” with James Brown. Um, all I can say is that the backstage story of the game was just as entertaining as the onscreen version. TRY NOT TO DIE when Weird Al unveils the final moment of his time with James. Try not to effing die. I am crying into my hands and emitting a high-pitched scream that sounds a lot like the “BANKRUPT” siren.

And for historical value, check out the event itself. My reaction is best reflected in this puzzle, a phrase: WH_T TH_ F_CK?

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