What Jeffrey Tambor thinks when you say something stupid: On ‘Transparent’

PARK CITY, UTAH —  Jeffrey Tambor knows there's some responsibility that comes with playing a transgender character in a popular television show. That's why he's committed to “doing it right.”

The recent Golden Globes winner — for playing Maura on “Transparent” — was on hand on the red carpet at Sundance, to promote his latest film “The D Train” co-starring Jack Black. But he also reflected on how much further understanding of the transgender community needs to go.

“I shook for the first season… it's a huge responsibility, and I want to do it right for the transgender community…. just the other day, someone said something very stupid to me, and I went, 'Wow we still have to keep doing this, keep getting the message out,' because there's a fear of the 'other' and so much ignorance,” he said. “It's important.”

While the Amazon Prime series certainly took a lot out of him, he got to have more comedy with his turn in “D Train,” playing Jack Black's character's boss. Apparently, his children were most impressed.

“I love Jack. My kids visited the set… and he stopped his life to play with them to be with them,” he explained. So while he may be garnering more awards in the future, “I'm nothing, I'm just Jack Black's friend.”

“The D Train” plays at Sundance all week. “Transparent” has been renewed for a second season.