The Spider-Man: Homecoming villain may have been revealed

As we've been talking about, all of the major studios are touting their upcoming slates at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week. 

We've already reported on Warner Brothers revealing a significant Justice League character, as well as hinting at another — perhaps more surprising — addition to the team.

Here, Hitfix's Roth Cornet chats with Fandango's Erik Davis about the key news from CinemaCon. We discuss what he learned/saw from Spider-Man and Ghostbusters during the Sony presentation at the top and continue on with what Warner Brothers unveiled from Justice League and Suicide Squad. Oh, and how about that Wonder Woman footage?

Take a look at the new Spider-Man title art below:

As you can see, during their CinemaCon presentation, Sony unveiled the new title for their upcoming solo Spidey solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

It's a play on Spider-Man returning to the Marvel fold, as Sony will team with Marvel Studios to bring this iteration of the character to the big screen and will also share him. Spider-Man will play a part in Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War, and there is talk that some of the Avengers may show up in his solo outing.

A sequence featuring Tom Holland's Peter Parker in Civil War was screened at the event, and Holland himself made an appearance to talk about Homecoming.

The actor reiterated that the story will be set while he is in high school in Queens and focuses in on Spider-Man finding himself as a character, his identity, and where he fits into the world. 

There is also a “Homecoming” storyline in the comics, but it's unclear if the filmmakers will be drawing from it for this Spidey's first solo film.

Birth Movies Death also reports that the villain Vulture will be making an appearance in the film, though it hasn't been officially announced yet. He may or may not be the central, or only, baddie.

Though other characters have used the moniker, the most frequent Spider-Man villain known as Vulture is Adrian Toomes, a former electronics engineer turned supervillain. 

In addition to the Spider-Man reveal, Sony screened some extended footage from their upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

Take a look at the international Ghostbusters trailer below:

As Davis reports, the studio showed “their version Ghostbusters library sequence.”

The Fandango film critic says that he”s not entirely sold on Paul Feig's Ghostbusters even after this larger taste, adding that for him it's all about Kate McKinnon's performance. On the whole, Davis feels that this particular creative team may have been better suited for an R-rated version of this story. He also teases a cameo from the original cast member. 

Ten guesses who it is.

Sony also confirmed their Men in Black and 21 Jump Street crossover, Zombieland 2, and Robotech.

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