When Actors Attack: 12 Movie Stars Who Trashed Their Own Films

Did you hear? Andrew Garfield is talking crap about “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” – or okay, at least he's admitting that there were problems with it. Of course, he's far from the first actor to denigrate one of his own films – from Meryl Streep to Brad Pitt to Halle Berry to Robert Pattinson (throwing shade at the “Twilight” franchise, wouldn't you know it), a host of stars previously have gone on record to badmouth the projects that in many cases netted them millions of dollars.

So is it disrespectful to the other individuals who worked on the movie? Mmm…probably. But hey, who cares! We love a juicy soundbite. See below for 12 actors who just couldn't keep quiet about their most heinous films.