While you wait for the ‘Preacher’ trailer to drop during ‘The Walking Dead,’ watch this teaser

Garth Ennis” “Preacher” series isn”t exactly light reading. The critically-acclaimed graphic novels follow a small-town preacher named Jesse Custer on his quest across the country to force God to answer his questions about a mysterious event that changed Jesse's life. Along for the ride is the Irish vampire Cassidy and his marksmen ex-girlfriend Tulip. 

So when AMC announced they were adapting the series into a show, fans were a little concerned. Sure they”d done a great job with “The Walking Dead,” but Robert Kirkman”s doesn”t exactly dive into the spiritual realm. Now AMC has released about four seconds of footage from “Preacher” in advance of the full trailer that will premiere on Sunday night during “The Walking Dead.” And yep, it looks like the twisted world fans know and love.


It might only be a handful of frames, but there are some iconic images in those few moments. We have a (probably) hungover Reverend Jesse headed to church on that fateful Sunday, Cassidy looking very blasé about his arm being on fire, an explosion of blood in what looks like a church, and the good Reverend getting into a bar fight. All of which should be familiar.

What isn”t familiar? A man jumping from a plane, a helicopter going down in flames, and whoever has little silver toy soldiers crawling over – or out of – their face. Though each of those incidents could be chalked up to Genesis, the Saint of Killers, or Jesse Custer using The Word. Especially with the helicopter. Perhaps instead of merely telling them to put down their weapons, Jesse brings down the threat.

“Preacher” airs on AMC sometime in 2016.