Who is Marvel’s Valkyrie and why does she need to be in the MCU, like, yesterday?

Welcome to Specusplainer! The first in a terribly named video series where I smash together speculation with an explainer to form the unholy monstrosity that is the SPECUSPLAIN.

Today we”re talking about Valkyrie. Specifically the Marvel version. Yesterday I talked with my co-worker Roth Cornet about the possibility that Tessa Thompson (Creed) would play the Asgardian in Thor: Ragnarok. But even if she isn”t, someone needs to be.

Valkyrie first appeared in AVENGERS #83 in 1970 before joining the DEFENDERS in 1973. Since then, she”s popped up in numerous comic book runs, including THOR RAGNAROK. If Tessa Thompson is playing Valkyrie, this would be the natural jumping off point for her story. Potential spoilers, I guess? Brunnhilde was killed during the battle of Ragnarok. But before that, she ceded control of the Valkyries to Sif. Which for those who have been waiting for Jane Foster to get out of the way of Thor and Sif”s eventual marriage. Of course, no one really dies in comics and Valkyrie reappeared on Earth as part of the SECRET AVENGERS.

Speaking of Sif, is she being sidelined again? Depends. Due to Asgardian shenanigans, Thor and Brunnhilde”s love affair took place when they were both amnesiac gods trapped in mortal form. It”s entirely possible the events of Ragnarok could render Thor with a mind-wipe to keep him out of the way. This would leave the door open for Thor/Sif shippers AND eventually free Valkyrie up to be the bisexual warrior princess we all know and love.

As to how she could appear in other Marvel films? As part of the DEFENDERS, one of Valkyrie”s co-workers is Doctor Strange. This is not to be confused with the Netflix “Heroes for Hire” DEFENDERS that will consist of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. The original Defenders were merely a group of heroes – including Beast, Hulk, and Damion Hellstrom – thrown together over and over again until they became friends and cohorts before morphing into their current form. Hell, a good stinger for DOCTOR STRANGE would be having him come into possession of the Dragonfang sword from the Ancient One during the film and then giving it to Valkyrie in the end-credits sequence.