What Should We Expect From Peter Dinklage’s Mystery Role In ‘Avengers: Infinity War?’

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03.17.18 7 Comments

Marvel Studios

Peter Dinklage was reported to be joining the cast of Avengers: Infinity War back in January 2017, followed by some paparazzi photos of the Game Of Thrones star sporting some red hair that many felt was connected to the possible role. With the release of the latest Infinity War trailer and poster, we now have confirmation that Dinklage is in the film. What we don’t have is any real official clue about who he will be playing. There are possibilities, though.

Some of the more publicized roles have been the Black Order or Children of Thanos, seen above during their introduction at D23 last year. Feige hinted that some familiar voices will be portraying these characters on the big screen, with a focus on Proxima Midnight during a recent chat with Vulture:

“There are interesting people doing the voices,” of those henchpeople, said Feige. But don’t expect him to reveal exactly who he’s hired just yet, though any actress would be lucky to have “Proxima Midnight” on her IMDb page. “You’ll probably know when you see the movie,” said Feige.

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