Why black America hates VH1’s ‘Sorority Sisters’

Why black America hates VH1″s “Sorority Sisters”
VH1 has “awakened a sleeping giant” by applying and dragging black Greek letter organizations “into the miry world of reality TV,” says Abby Phillip. There has been years of “quiet disapproval” over shows like “Basketball Wives” and “Love & Hip Hop,” she says, but “Sorority Sisters” has managed to “bring a simmering anger to a full boil.” As one anti-Sorority Sisters” organizer put it, “We”ve always been angry. This is just like the straw the broke the camel”s back.”

“Today” boots Amy Adams for declining to talk about the Sony hacking
Adams, coming off of hosting “SNL,” was supposed to appear on “Today” this morning. But her booking was pulled when she told a producer that she”d rather not discuss the Sony hacking.

Charlie Sheen”s “Anger Management” goes out tonight with its 100th and final episode
After his notorious “Two and a Half Men” exit, Sheen made a 10/90 deal to star in the FX series. Ten episodes were successfully made and shown, which triggered an order for 90 more episodes.

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“Once Upon a time” casts Sebastian Roche
“The Originals” villain will play King Stefan, father of Aurora.

James Corden would rather his “Late Late Show” be watched late at night than shared in the morning
“I would love to try and draw people back to a feeling of going, ‘You”ve got to watch this show because I don”t know what”s going to happen tonight,” he says. “I want to be the person to share it tomorrow – I don”t want to be the person who gets sent it tomorrow. That”s our mind-set.”

TV's most successful TV strategies of 2014 include ABC's All-Shonda Thursdays
Other bold plans include CW reaching out beyond its teen audience with “The Flash” and FXX getting on the map with a “Simpsons” marathon of every episode.

“True Detective” got all the buzz, but “Fargo” was the better show
All the hype surrounding “True Detective” earlier this year feels, at this point, like a “swamp fever that”s passed,” says James Poniewozik. He adds: “I”d rather take ‘Fargo,' which started from the assumption of value in its characters, to 'True Detective,' which-its last-minute swerve toward optimism notwithstanding-strained to spy scraps of decency in humanity like pinpoints of light in the night sky.”

Ex-“Desperate Housewives” star apologizes for calling “Modern Family”s” Mitch and Cam “the gay equivalent of ‘blackface””
Tuc Watkins” remarks prompted Jesse Tyler Ferguson to respond on his Facebook page: “We can't be expected to represent every gay person. We can only represent these two people.”

Study: “Dr. Oz”s” advice is right less than half the time
Researchers writing in the British Medical Journal sat through 40 episodes of “The Dr Oz Show,” identifying 479 separate recommendations. Only 46% of that advice had evidence backing it.

Michelle MacLaren: TV”s best director?
MacLaren has gone from “Breaking Bad” to “Game of Thrones” to the big-screen “Wonder Woman.”

The most disappointing shows of 2014
From “Welcome to Sweden” to “Gracepoint” to “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Documentary on “Seinfeld”s” famous diner comes out on Christmas Day
Tom”s Diner, whose exterior was used as the fictional hangout Monk”s, has become a tourist destination, as shown in the documentary “Tom”s Restaurant.”

“SNL”s” Leslie Jones talks having 2 black females on the cast for the 1st time
“We feel…we feel like we”re part of something really awesome happening,” Jones says of her Sasheer Zamata. “That”s what we feel like. We feel like, let”s do our jobs, because we”re part of something really great. And I”m telling you, Lorne, he is so mediating this the right way. He”s doing it so right it”s ridiculous.”

American-style Chinese food is becoming popular in China thanks to “The Big Bang Theory”
Chinese fans want to order Sheldon”s favorite Chinese dishes like General Tsao's chicken, which is only available in America.

Why A&E”s prostitute intervention reality show is really exploitation
The pastor who will try to lure sex workers away from their profession in “8 Minutes” is making the show more about him than the women he is trying to help.

Watch KISS” Paul Stanley in a Folgers Coffee commercial
The 2000 ad, featuring a makeup-less Stanley, was never broadcast.

DirecTV viewers can celebrate Christmas Day with Jon Hamm on “Black Mirror”
The “Mad Men” star got interested in “Black Mirror” thanks to Bill Hader.

“BoJack Horseman” releases a one-off Christmas special
“Christmas episodes are always stupid,” says the star of the Netflix series.

Watch an extended look at “Girls” Season 4
HBO takes us behind the scenes with Hannah in college. PLUS: Ana Gasteyer on shooting her “Girls” cameo out of order.

Presenting the best TV episodes of 2014
From “Louie”s” season premiere to “Waterloo” on “Mad Men.”

See Michelle Trachtenberg on “Sleepy Hollow”
Here are new pics from upcoming episodes.

With a baffling season finale, “The Affair” became the most compulsively irritating show on TV
“At the moment, we might as well be watching two different TV shows yolked together,” Tim Teeman says of the Season 1 finale.

NBC”s One Direction special aims to redeem the boy band”s image
Airing Tuesday, “One Direction: The TV Special” will feature comedy bits, fan interactions and glimpses of “The X Factor” band”s tour.

“The Shield”s” Strike Team reunites
Michael Chiklis had a reunion over the weekend with his former FX co-stars.

Brandon Stoddard dies: ABC exec was responsible for “Roseanne,” “Roots,” “Full House,” “Wonder Years”
Stoddard, 77, was known at ABC as the “father of the miniseries.” As ABC Entertainment president from 1985 to 1989, he oversaw such shows as “Thirtysomething” and “China Beach.” He also had a hand in “Schoolhouse Rock.”