Why can’t Bryan Singer just let his lady X-Men have white hair?

The apocalypse is coming this Memorial Day. No, not in the form of children across America being set loose from the confines of school. The world” first mutant has returned and he doesn”t like what he sees in X-Men: Apocalypse.

To prepare us for the inevitable, Fox released a new trailer full of brand-new footage. If you”ve been a fan of the Möbius strip timeline that is the First Class franchise, Apocalypse looks like a good passing of the baton from the (new) old generation to the next.

It also gives fans our first look at pre-Horseman Storm. She looks just as amazing as ever (Mohawk Storm for life!) but why is her hair…weird?

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

As far as anyone can tell, Bryan Singer has been hewing close to Storm”s original origin story in Apocalypse. Alexandra Shipp”s version of Storm is living in Cairo. In interviews, Shipp has talked about how Storm grew up without a family, so the “orphan thief” portion of her childhood seems intact. The only change from comics to screen appeared to be that Apocalypse finds Storm before she comes into her own and is worshipped as a goddess. But now there”s this confusing black hair.

Honestly? It”s not a big deal. Maybe Storm is dyeing it to fit in. Though the film does take place in the punk rock 1980s and Storm is living hand-to-mouth on the streets of Cairo. Hair dye should be low on the list of priorities. Maybe (most likely) Storm”s hair goes white after Apocalypse imbues her with the power of a Horseman. It just seems strange to take Storm”s iconic, natural look and change it for the superhero equivalent of a “chick with glasses was hot all along!” transformation scene. I”m more worried about the pattern.

Does Bryan Singer think young women can”t have naturally white hair? First Rogue, now Storm. If you”ll recall, back in the original X-Men, Anna Paquin”s Rogue didn”t have her signature shock of white hair until after Magneto tried to drain her life with his supervillain machine. But there was Halle Berry”s Storm, rocking her snowy tresses like a boss. But Berry and Shipp are the same Storm. Remember that Möbius strip timeline I was talking about earlier? Yeah. So now we”ve got the distinct possibility that both Rogue AND Storm had their hair turned white by outside forces.

Not anything to write home about. Just a weird pattern.

X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theaters on May 27, 2016.