Why the ‘Louie’ extended hiatus might last forever

Horace and Pete, Louis C.K.'s out-of-nowhere drama, concluded its run last Saturday with a finale that HitFix's own Alan Sepinwall said was nothing less than “stunning.” 

If you're a C.K. fan, you might as well shell out the $31 to buy Horace and Pete's 10-episode run if you haven't yet, because it doesn't look like we'll be seeing C.K.'s FX show Louie anytime soon.

Louie feels very far in the past,” C.K. told Sepinwall. “I can't feel that show anymore.”

The truth is, Louie is pretty far in the past now. The most recent episode of the show aired last May. Though it's been renewed for a sixth season, the show has also been on an “extended hiatus” since August, and C.K.'s been plenty busy with other projects (and that's the stuff we know about … after Horace and Pete, who knows what other cool secret things C.K. is working on?).

Another nail in Louie's possible coffin: Back in January at the Television Critics Association press tour, both FX president John Landgraf and C.K. sounded like they didn't expect Louie to return anytime soon, if at all. Landgraf admitted that it was a “possibility” the show may never return, but said he could also see it as something C.K. returned to periodically “for the rest of your life.”

At a separate panel, C.K. was asked when or if Louie would return.

“I just don't know,” C.K. said. “It's such an autobiographical thing that I could do a version of Louie when he's sixty … Or it may be next year. I have no idea.”