Why is Madonna’s ‘Masterpiece’ ineligible for the Best Original Song Oscar?

Though Madonna is clearly beloved by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association – having been nominated for a total of six Golden Globes (five for Best Original Song – Motion Picture and one for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical) and won once (in the latter category for “Evita”) – the venerable performer simply can’t catch a break from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Case in point: “Masterpiece”, the Material Girl’s now-Golden Globe-nominated song contribution to her second directorial effort “W.E.”, was not among the 39 tunes announced by the Academy today as eligible for next year’s Best Original Song Oscar. So what gives? Was it something she said?

As it turns out, the snub isn’t personal – “Masterpiece” really isn’t eligible. See, in order to qualify for the category, the song in question needs to:

a) Consist of words and music, both of which are original and used specifically for the film; and

b) Be used either in the body of the film, or as the “first music cue” in the closing credits (i.e. the first song that plays once the screen fades to black).

The latter of the above two criteria appears to be the problem for “Masterpiece”, which isn’t featured in the context of the film itself and also happens to be the second song featured during the movie’s closing crawl. (The first being a continuation of composer Abel Korzeniowski’s score.)

Maybe the Oscar-obsessed Weinsteins figured the Academy would overlook the established rules when coming up with the Best Original Song eligibles – you know, because they’re the Weinsteins? Or were they simply unaware of the Academy’s specific requirements before sending out those “Masterpiece”-touting “W.E.” screeners? 

In any case, looks like poor old Madge is once again being denied the opportunity to add “Oscar nominee/winner” to her substantial list of accomplishments (particularly given that “W.E.” isn’t expected to pick up nods in any of the major categories), a designation that I can’t imagine she isn’t at least a little bit hungry for (she is Madonna, after all).

But hey, buck up kiddo; there’s always next year. And just remember – the Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves you no matter what.

What do you think of the Academy’s Best Original Song rules? Should the eligibility requirements be loosened? Sound off with your comments below!