Will Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice make $ 1 Billion? Experts say…

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice experienced a significant drop at the box office this past weekend.

Hitfix's Chris Eggertson spoke with box office experts to get their take on the cause if the decline and how much they believe the film will ultimately make.

Box Office Guru founder Gitesh Pandya believes that the film will come in at $900 million globally when all is said and done. 

Are we splitting hairs to some degree when we project an outcome that is just below $1 billion? Perhaps. 

In the video above and below, Eggertsen and Roth Cornet discuss the full scope of what the experts had to say and ask if much too much is being made of the decline. Or if this is a significant loss for a film that many felt could and would earn upwards of $1.5 billion and cost $250 million to produce and roughly $150 million more in marketing. Bearing in mind that theaters will take a percentage of the ticket sales, Batman V Superman was and is under a great deal of pressure to reach and perhaps surpass that $ 1 billion mark.

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