Updated: Will the volcano in Iceland mess with your Coachella experience?

04.15.10 8 years ago

Well here”s something no one could have predicted. The spewing volcano is Iceland is wreaking havoc on air travel around the globe and it turns out, it may keep several acts slated for Coachella from arriving in Indio, Calif.  in time for their gigs.

The latest news has many planes in Europe (and flights headed there as well) grounded because of ash clouds. The Daily Swarm compiled a list of Coachella-bound acts who are now finding their gigs in peril, including Scotland”s Frightened Rabbit and England”s Cribs, Los Campesinos!, Bad Lieutenant and Mary Anne Hobbs. Coachella runs April 16-18.

“I”d decided which films I was going to see, chosen my meal and was just falling asleep then I got told we had to get off the plane,” Cribs singer Gary Jarman told the BBC. He added  the band “were a little stressed”. NME reports that the band, which also includes Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, is now unsure as to whether it will make its Coachella gig, while other online reports have the gig definitely canceled.

Bad Lieutenant, which includes New Order”s Bernard Sumner, was set to make its U.S. debut at Coachella after it cancelled its stateside tour last fall. However, the band is now stuck in Manchester, England, according to sluicingupeyeballs.com

Updated: This just in from Coachella’s promoters at Golden Voice: All the headliners are in the country  and we’re in contact wtih the acts that are having travel issues based on the ash,” says Golden Voice’s Paul Tollett. That’s a good thing since some of the headliners, including Gorillaz and Muse, are British.


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