‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Finale May Have Stealthily Introduced Next Season’s Villains

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04.16.18 2 Comments


At long last, the All Out War is over on The Walking Dead.

Negan had his throat slit by Rick, the Saviors are incapacitated, and the good guys who had seemingly turned bad, like Eugene, were pulling a long con on the actual bad guys. Now where does the show go from here? Maggie’s heel turn on Rick and Michonne is an unexpected twist, especially with Daryl and an otherwise-forgiving Jesus at her side, but there needs to be another threat outside Alexandria and The Hilltop’s camps (besides, y’know, the walkers). We have an idea, and they may have shown up in the season eight finale.

The Whisperers have long been rumored to be the next Big Bad on The Walking Dead (but not Fear the Walking Dead), even if it means jumping into another war with a foe. But at least they’ll look cool: the Whisperers are a group of survivors who disguise themselves in walker skin. They speak in silence, blend in among larger herds, and mark their territory using poles and spikes.

Guess what two things we see in the season eight finale?



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