Will there really be a ‘Die Hard 5’? Bruce Willis thinks so.

02.22.10 9 years ago 14 Comments

I can honestly say that if I were sitting across from Bruce Willis in an interview these days, the last thing that would cross my mind would be asking him if he’s going to be making another “Die Hard” film.

That’s why there’s an MTV, I suppose.

Maybe I misread the general reaction to the last film in the “Die Hard” series.  Maybe there are people out there saying to themselves right now, “I wonder what happened to John McClane after he fought that jet airplane bare-handed and saved the universe from the Internet,” but if so, I’ve never met one of them.  Maybe there are hardcore fans who are already angrily logging in to HitFix so they can respond, “Mr. McWeeny, you are simply not cool enough to appreciate a PG-13 ‘Die Hard’ movie, so go FORK yourself.”  Maybe.

Personally, I like to imagine an alternate reality where the producers of the original “Die Hard” realize that the charm of the film hinges largely on the idea of John McClane being a very average guy who finds himself in one-time-only circumstances much larger than him, and who survives just barely, and as a result, they decided to never make a sequel because they know it would just be stupid to do so.  I like to imagine that reality, and when I look at my own DVD collection, that is indeed the reality it reflects. 

There are no “Die Hard” sequels in this dojo.

In that peksy “real world,” though, there were indeed three sequels of varying quality, none of which I’d call good movies, and now Bruce Willis says that he plans to make another film in the series next year.  He even wants to bring back Len Wiseman, who directed “Live Free Or Die Hard,” to helm the film that Willis hopes will take the series international.

“It’s got to go worldwide,” he told MTV during his interview. “That would be my contribution to it.”

I guess I’m baffled why this one’s happening.  Did “Live Free Or Die Hard” really do that well?  I was under the impression that the general reaction to it was indifference, but maybe I’m projecting my own take onto everyone.  Whatever the case, if this does start to come together, we probably won’t hear anything more concrete until it’s closer to shooting next year.

In the meantime, I’m seeing Bruce Willis’s new film “Cop Out” this week, and I’ll have a review for you before it opens.

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