Ten things we’d love to see from ‘Superman’ comics in future films

Superman has a long and, frankly, completely barking insane history.

One of the amazing things about a character like Superman is that because of his longevity, you can read through his publishing history and trace the various ebbs and flows of the comic industry. You can see how storytelling developed, and you can see how DC managed their key players because no matter what, Superman is always involved.

“Man Of Steel” is just a few weeks away now, and it is officially time to start getting very, very excited. Right now, fans are still speculating about what sort of riffs the new film will play on the long-established conventions of the character and the world around him. Will we see Lex Luthor in the new film? Is he a reporter for the Daily Planet? How do they handle Krypton’s fate? Why does General Zod want him and how much does Superman know about his true identity as Kal-El?

I’ve now heard from at least four different filmmakers who have seen the movie who are positively rabid to make the sequel. They are all rooting for Zack Snyder to take on the challenge of “Justice League” so the director’s chair will be wide open for “Man Of Steel 2” and “Man Of Steel 3” and on and on. Obviously, that assumes that audiences will spark to what the filmmakers have done this time around, but Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures seem pretty confident that they’ve made the right film to kick off a renewed life for the character on the big screen.

We’ve got a few Superman nerds here on Team HitFix, so we decided to weigh in on some of the things we’d love to see brought to life as the series continues, and I think it’s a decent mix of the truly threatening, the deeply weird, and even the occasionally silly. Obviously some of these things might not apply after we actually see “Man Of Steel,” but for now, let’s imagine Warner Bros. plans to keep making these for a while, and that they’ll use this wish list to help them plan what to do next.

“Man Of Steel” heads up, up and away on June 14.