‘Wonder Woman 2’ Has A Release Date That Puts It Against Some Stiff Competition

Wonder Woman’s success at the theater this summer has injected some fresh life into fans of the DCEU and seemingly changed critical perception of where Warner Bros. is heading with their DC Comics offerings. Hearing that they’re re-shooting parts of Justice Leaguefeaturing some trouble with Superman’s mustache — you’d have to think that the studio is doing their best to work some more Diana into the mix. They certainly did their fair share at Comic-Con, having her kick off the trailer.

We found out most of Warner’s slate for the future DCEU films over the next few years, but only knew the release dates for Aquaman in 2018, and then Shazam and Justice League Part 2 in 2019. Now you can add Wonder Woman 2 to that list, with the studio giving Patty Jenkins’ follow-up to the smash-hit a December 13th release date in 2019. That’s a final kicker to an already busy year for Warner, but also puts the film up against plenty of competition from other studios. Not only will the second part of Justice League already be facing off with the fourth Avengers film from Marvel, 2019 will also see the end of the latest Star Wars trilogy with Episode 9.

Disney scheduled Star Wars for a summer release too, hoping to not compete with itself since Frozen 2 will land in November and place itself too close to what has become the traditional Star Wars release date over the past few years. That means Wonder Woman will be competing with Frozen, another DCEU film in November, James Bond’s latest adventure, and a planned Masters Of The Universe film. Clearly this summer has proven the character, Gal Gadot, and Patty Jenkins can handle the competition, so there shouldn’t be much concern for those box office returns. Still, it’s a heated way to close out a stuffed year at the movies.

Each month in 2019 from February onward features a major tentpole feature, with March opening up the floodgates with Godzilla, How To Train Your Dragon 3, and Captain Marvel. There’s also another Fast And Furious film on the list, an X-Men film, Minecraft, Toy Story 4, Transformers, Spider-Man 2, The Lion King, Top Gun: Maverick, and a slew of other unnamed and untitled projects that may or may not actually happen.

If everything actually stays how it is and all of these films are released, you’d have to think that 2019 will go down as one of the biggest. And Wonder Woman will be there to close the entire thing down.

(Via Variety)

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