Aquaman’s Trident Suggests Hippolyta Was Lying To Her Daughter In ‘Wonder Woman’

06.02.17 10 months ago 11 Comments

Warner Bros.

Warning: Spoilers for Wonder Woman below.

Wonder Woman is in theaters, and it confirms that DC and Warner Bros. are officially leaning into the mythology side of their shared universe. Not only is Diana the daughter of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, her first solo outing has her battling her half-brother Ares. None of this is metaphorical: These are literal Greek gods utilizing magic. Despite fears — and rumors — to the contrary, Diana is not Kryptonian, which was somehow floated as a ‘more grounded’ origin than her comic book one. Because aliens are believable but gods are not?

But while Wonder Woman rightly focused on Diana’s origin, there was a nod to another member of the Justice League. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, the Trident of Neptune makes an official appearance. When Hippolyta is telling her daughter a sanitized version of the historical events that led to the creation of Themyscira, a storybook comes to life. On top of Mount Olympus the gods stand in a formation reminiscent of the how the Justice League is presented in marketing material. First of all, there is no way that visual was an accident. Second, Poseidon is front-and-center with the trident that is now in the possession of Aquaman.

Wonder Woman goes to great pains to stress how much Diana doesn’t know about her own origin and the history of the gods. Hippolyta talks of how Ares killed the gods and Zeus sacrificed himself to create the godkiller weapon. But how ‘dead’ is dead to a god? In the New 52 comics — which Warner Bros. appears to be pulling heavily from — Poseidon is alive and well and at war with Hera (and the other gods) over who will rule Olympus.

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