‘Batman v Superman’ concept art features Wonder Woman’s badass weaponry

Robert McKinnon, who's worked on Inception, Iron Man 3, and more, has posted some concept work from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that features alternate versions of Wonder Woman's Sword of Athena and Aquaman's Trident of Neptune.

Gal Gadot wonderfully wielded Wonder Woman's sword in Batman v Superman though not nearly enough in my opinion. There was also apparently a ton of detail on the final sword design the audience was never able to see. But McKinnon updated his website with several different versions they could have gone with. And they're pretty rad.

She'll have yet another sword in the Wonder Woman solo film. It's likely she'll have more than one, or multiple types of weapons considering we're seeing a younger version of the Amazon princess who is still training with her family.

But the other versions McKinnon came up with are all really interesting. Although not listed as a concept artist on Wonder Woman, I wonder if any of his other designs will see the light of day.

I wish it were still socially acceptable to carry around a sword. This scene from that Comic-Con trailer is forever burned into my brain.

Jason Momoa was barely in the film, and his trident was even less visible. But here're some alternate looks for Aquaman's Trident of Neptune that McKinnon came up with as well. The one we've seen in Justice League promos so far looks far less “new.”

(via CBR)