Witness The Power Of Diana’s Bracers In This New ‘Wonder Woman’ Clip

Wonder Woman is important to millions of people around the world. (Myself included in that statement.) So the weight of the expectations placed on director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot to get Princess Diana’s first live-action solo film right must be enormous. Every piece of marketing has been put under a microscope. Does the tone feel right? Are they getting the world that Wonder Woman inhabits correct? This is the scrutiny every superhero film endures, but for the final pillar of the DC Holy Trinity the inspection is particularly intense, especially considering DC has thus far have been divisive among the fan base, to say the least.

The first trailers have focused more on Diana once she enters the World of Man and sees the damage wrought by World War I. We’ve seen little interaction between Wonder Woman and her people on Themyscira, but that ends now. In preparation for a new trailer dropping tomorrow, Warner Bros. released a small snippet that shows Diana learning to battle with her bracers with her trainer General Antiope (Robin Wright).

In the comics, Diana’s relationship with Antiope can be fraught. Over the decades Antiope has attempted to overthrow the throne of Themyscira, and in some timelines plays the antagonist still. But she’s also been an aunt to Diana, and a noble warrior fighting for the rights of the Amazons to live in peace. What role Antiope will play in Wonder Woman is yet to be seen, but it’s clear her ferocious protection of Diana continues to be a core tenet of her personality.