‘Wonder Woman’ can’t lasso a spot on NBC’s schedule

05.13.11 8 years ago 16 Comments

Have comic book and genre fans cries been heard?  After continuing negative buzz surrounding David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” pilot, it appears the Amazon Princess wont be returning to the small screen.  NBC has reportedly decided not to pick up the expensive WB TV pilot surprising many.

Kelly, who is best known for shepherding “Boston Legal” and “Ally McBeal,” was frowned upon by most comic fans when it was announced he was writing the DC Comics hero to the small screen.  Well, perhaps frowned is an understatement.  Kelley’s background hardly seemed to sync up to what modern comic fans hoped for with a new “Wonder Woman” series. Things got worse when the first draft of Kelley’s pilot script made the rounds in the media.  It only fueled a distrust of the project that began to grow louder and louder online.  When WB released a photo of star Adrianne Palicki (one of the few positives according to fans), the reaction was close to apoplectic.  By the time Palicki was seen shooting the pilot in the streets of Hollywood, major modifications had been made to the costume to appease the naysayers.  To say this was highly unusual for a series that hadn’t even landed a spot on NBC’s schedule was an understatement (not that WB TV or NBC admitted the changes had anything to do with online reaction to the first official photo).

Someone is spinning that the final product was better than expected, but NBC still decided not to run with it.  Was it because they felt a core comic book fan audience wouldn’t overcome their negative feelings?  Would the show be facing an uphill battle with the press?  Or, was it just as simple as a modern superhero show doesn’t meet audience testing norms?  No matter what the reason – and NBC excecs will no doubt be asked during their upfront presentation on Monday – there are no doubt many fans happy this version of “Wonder Woman” won’t make it to the airwaves.

Of course, they’ve never actually seen the finished pilot, but a win is a win, no?  Of course, with “Smallville” gone, “Heroes” a distant memory, the failure of “The Cape” and “No Ordinary Family,” the super hero genre is on the downturn on network television.  Can Guillermo del Toro’s expected “Hulk” series bring it back (assuming it makes it from script order to pilot)?  Let’s hope he finds the time in his busy schedule to make the pilot happen.

Are you happy “Wonder Woman” didn’t NBC’s schedule?  Or were you optimistic about David E. Kelley’s vision?  Share your thoughts below.

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