‘Wonder Woman’ could be breaking away from ‘Batman v Superman’ grimdark visuals

We”re a little over a month out from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting theaters. Based on Internet chatter, the film is already divisive amongst fans. If you enjoyed Man of Steel, then the sequel looks right up your alley. If you weren't a fan of the darker tone of Zack Snyder”s Superman, you might feel trepidation.

Personally, I”m one of the latter. Man of Steel was not for me – though it was for many, including my friend Drew McWeeny. I like my Batman movies like I like my coffee: dark and with dead parents. But I prefer a less morose Superman. Different strokes, etc. etc.

One of my big fears about Warner Bros. slate of of DC films was Batman”s grimdark aesthetic would saturate the entire universe. Even the first footage from Wonder Woman – which I loved – was stylized through a blue filter. But looks can be deceiving. This morning Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics, tweeted his praise of Patty Jenkins on Princess Diana.

For fans of brighter, more optimistic DC Universe this is great news! Comparing Jenkins optimism to Richard Donner – director of Superman in 1978 – could spell a drastic departure from what has appeared to be Warner Bros. visual style. Even if Wonder Woman keeps the cool filter, Johns” statement is a rousing endorsement for what Jenkins is bringing to Diana”s first solo film.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters June 23, 2017.