Wonder Woman Is Almost Definitely Coming To The Rescue Of ‘Flashpoint’

Flashpoint, the DCEU’s solo movie for The Flash (Ezra Miller), hasn’t exactly zoomed into theaters. The film lost its first director, Seth Grahame-Smith, over “creative differences,” although that may be for the best since Grahame-Smith has never directed a feature film before (He wrote Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter among other things). Then the highly-sought-after Rick Fumayiwa (Dope) signed on but ultimately left the project as well. Then the script got a major overhaul.

What can the DCEU do when a project needs a little push? Their answer now seems to be “sprinkle some Wonder Woman on that.” She is, after all, “the hero the DCEU doesn’t deserve, but sure as hell needs right now.” After Wonder Woman‘s huge opening, Forbes reported we could expect to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman pop up in at least one movie every year, as she’s on pace to become a fan favorite akin to Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One movie she was rumored to be incorporated into is Flashpoint, and now that seems to be a lock.

Buried in an article about a role Gal Gadot may play in a drama for MGM, Deadline dropped a detail that makes it sound as though her role in Flashpoint is confirmed: “She will reprise in the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel and DC spinoffs including the Justice League films and the spinoff for The Flash.”

Although Flashpoint is almost assured to miss its original July 27th, 2018 release date, Warner seems motivated enough to get it ready in time for one of its two slots in 2020 being held for an “UNTITLED DC FILM” — 02/14/20 and 06/05/20.

But will Flash be happy to share the Flashpoint spotlight with somebody else?

Yeah, probably.

(Via Deadline and We Got This Covered)