‘Wonder Woman’ Shows Off Its Comedic Side In A New TV Spot

05.05.17 3 Comments

This is more like it! After a marketing campaign until recently full of tumbleweeds, Wonder Woman is finally getting some attention. After all, this is a big deal. Not only is it the first solo film for Wonder Woman in her 75-year history, Gal Gadot is also the first actress to score the headliner position in a superhero film since Elektra in 2005. So far the TV spots have focused on Diana entering Man’s World to kick ass and take names, but the latest entry has something else. Something that made me think “Wait a minute. Is Warner Bros. burying the lede here? Is Wonder Woman funny?”

Entitled ‘Bang Bang,’ the minute-long TV spot has Diana explaining her heritage, casually breaking a man’s arm for (presumably) trying to shoot her, getting frustrated with ankle-length pencil skirts, wandering around London with her sword and shield as accessories, and shedding her blue gown in favor of battle armor while on horseback. All accompanied by well-timed comedic lines from Gadot, Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), and Lucy Davis (Etta Candy). Now, trailers can be deceiving but as I’ve mentioned before, Wonder Woman is written by Allan Heinberg who has spent time in the Gilmore Girls trenches, in addition to working in comics. Combined with director Patty Jenkins, who might be best known for Monster but also worked on Arrested Development, they might yet save the DCEU from its dour dialogue exchanges.

If nothing else, I’m looking forward to whatever shenanigans ensue during Steve Trevor and Etta Candy’s attempts at getting Diana to assimilate into London culture. The Princess of Themyscira has little use for corsets and gowns without pockets, much less sword sheaths.

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