This New ‘Wonder Woman’ Clothing Line Will Make You Feel Fierce


Her Universe/Warner Bros.

Geek fashion is good business these days. From graphic t-shirts to high end accessories (and everything in-between), you can find something to represent your favorite fantasy world no matter what your budget is. Honestly, someone is leaving money on the table by not creating a geeky version of StitchFix, because office professional clothing is fine and all, but what if your aesthetic is “superheroes meets yoga pants”?

Websites like ThinkGeek and SuperHeroStuff hedge their bets by catering to a wide swath of fandom culture. But no one hones in on geek fashion for women like Her Universe. Started by Ashley Eckstein — who voices Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels — Her Universe has grown from a tiny niche market to a power player, cementing deals with the likes of Kohl’s and Hot Topic. So it makes sense Eckstein’s company would partner with Warner Bros. to create a line of clothes for Wonder Woman. We just didn’t expect them to be this good.

The collection was the brainchild of Hannah Kent, Jesse Thaxton, and Camille Falciola who won the 3rd Annual Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016. At the time, the collection was slated to be Hot Topic exclusive, but we’re pleased to see Her Universe stepping up to the plate. Hot Topic is great for geek fashion for straight-sized folks, but their plus-sized offering tend to be slim. By offering the line on the Her Universe website, every single item is available in sizes 0-30.

Check out the collection below and then get ready to dispose of some income.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Lasso Dress: $70 – $78 USD

Her Universe

DC Comics Wonder Woman Ombre Skirt: $50 – $55 USD

Her Universe

DC Comics Wonder Woman Armor Faux Leather Moto Jacket: $80 – $89 USD

Her Universe

DC Comics Wonder Woman Satin Souvenir Jacket: $80 – $89 USD

Her Universe

DC Comics Wonder Woman Themyscira Romper: $50 – $59 USD

Her Universe

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