Setting ‘Wonder Woman’ To The Music From ‘Moana’ Is Pretty Much Perfection

It has been a good couple of years for fictional island princesses in Hollywood. Disney’s Moana shattered box office records and gave the world to yet more iconic Disney soundtrack ear-worms. Then along came Wonder Woman, which also shattered box office records and blew the lid off of the ‘Women-driven films can’t open a superhero franchise’ theory. And the two princesses share more than their geographical location and propensity to wear tube tops.

Diana and Moana both chafe under the expectations placed on them by their people. Both struggle to be the daughter they are told they should be. Both feel like there is more to life than the role they’ve been given. Both have special powers. And both are willing to leave everything they’ve ever known to follow their hearts and dreams. Based on theses parallels, it seems only natural that a mash-up would eventually happen. So far, the mash-up has been confined to an amazing Twitter thread — which Lin-Manuel Miranda himself has endorsed — but a video version will surely be available once Wonder Woman is on Blu-Ray.

Before you settle in to enjoy, be sure to hit play on the song! Then sit back, relax, and scroll through ‘How Far I’ll Go’ – Princess of Themyscira edition from Blank Check with Griffin & David.