Warner Bros. Is Reportedly Planning An Unprecedented Oscar Campaign For ‘Wonder Woman’ And Patty Jenkins

Since its release, Wonder Woman has been smashing records and changing the landscape of the modern superhero film. With its complex female protagonist and the unique vision of its director, Patty Jenkins, it’s safe to say that the latest from DC has been a breath of fresh air. After practically rescuing the flailing DC cinematic universe, Wonder Woman 2 was ordered, and it appears that Warner Brothers is taking that faith one step further: The Academy Awards.

According to a report from Variety, Warner Brothers is allegedly planning to launch an aggressive Oscar campaign for Best Picture and Best Director. Should the campaign be successful, Wonder Woman would be the first superhero movie ever to be nominated for Best Picture (Nope, The Dark Knight didn’t get one, nor did Christopher Nolan for direction, which is insane).

If this is indeed the case, Warner Brothers would be facing an uphill battle. Unless your name is Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the Academy has had a longstanding bias against genre films. Additionally, a campaign of this size would be ludicrously expensive, but with a $781 million in global box office take so far, they can afford it. Here’s hoping Justice League doesn’t garner negative reviews in the fall, which could hurt Wonder Woman‘s chances by extension.

Films like Nolan’s Dunkirk and Darren Aronofsky’s mother! are already starting to drum up awards notice and are more traditional Oscar fare, so Wonder Woman would definitely be the odd one out. Still, if she can kill the God of War, Diana of Themyscira just might be the one to pull this off.

(Via Variety)