‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Suicide Squad’ more: Live blog from Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con

07.23.16 2 years ago

We”re bringing you live updates from the big Warner Bros. presentation in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con! Stick with us here for highlights in the two-hour line-up of panels that features stars and footage from Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, The Lego Batman Movie, and more.

[11:44 a.m.] After a sizzle reel of previously-seen footage, Conan O'Brien is introing the first panel!

[11:47 a.m.] Director David Ayer on Suicide Squad: “I believe even the worst of us are capable of the greatest good.” 

[11:48 a.m.] Director Patty Jenkins on Wonder Woman: “It feels like the best time to make this movie.”

[11:51 a.m.] Director James Wan, super stoked to be in Hall H for the first time: “I mean, f–ing Aquaman!” O'Brien: “James, there will be no swearing here. It's mostly children here.” Crowd chuckles.

[11:53 a.m.] Ben Affleck snaps a few photos of the Hall H crowd on his phone. He says he wants to capture the moment cause “It's just not gonna happen again, a cool moment for me.” O'Brien assures him it will happen again.

[11:54 a.m.] DC directors already ushered offstage. Time for Wonder Woman!

[11:55 a.m.] Wonder Woman key art just filled the massive screens wrapping around three sides of the audience.

[11:56 a.m.] Guys, I'm such a dork. I'm holding back tears watching Patty Jenkins, director of a frakking Wonder Woman movie strut back out on stage for her movie's panel.

[11:58 a.m.] Jenkins tells us the next person she's introducing is “one of the hardest and scariest casting I've ever done cause” it's not easy to cast a sidekick to Wonder Woman. She says she needed someone who wouldn't be emasculated by Wonder Woman. And now massive cheers for Chris Pine!

[12:04 p.m.] World premiere of first Wonder Woman trailer looks gritty and gorgeous. Two highlights: Diana strutting into some kind of shindig, rocking an elegant blue dress — with a sword tucked in the back. Later at this party, she tells Steve Trevor: “What I do is not up to you.”

[12:07 p.m.] “The world needs love and forgiveness in such a huge way,” Jenkins tells Hall H. “It needs heroes who are loving and forgiving and kind. It”s what Wonder Woman in particular stands for. Being loving and amazing.” She says a message of the movie is “Be a hero, but be a beautiful, loving kind person who is fighting for the right thing always.”

[12:10 p.m.] Jenkins explains there's no invisible jet in this movie because it's an earlier time period (the film takes place during World War I) that wouldn't let them “use the jet we want.” She says a future movie may have the invisible jet though.

[12:14 p.m.] Time to move on from Wonder Woman panel to Justice League.

[12:16 p.m.] Justice League cast is here — including a very not dead Henry Cavill getting wild cheers.

[12:20 p.m.] Most important takeaway from the Justice League reel: It is FUNNY. WB really wants us to know this won't be humorless grimdark. We got to see Bruce Wayne/Batman recruiting Aquaman and The Flash for “a team with special abilities.” Barry Allen”s an easy sell: “I”m in!” Bruce is surprised that was so easy. Awkward pause. Barry: “I… need friends.”

[12:25 p.m.] Suicide Squad cast is in the house!

[12:27 p.m.] Fan in crowd yells, “I love you, Will!” Will Smith yells back, “I love you too call me!”

[12:30 p.m.] David Ayer of his cast: “The magic of what these guys have done is how well they”ve bonded as a family… They bared their souls out there.”

[12:32 p.m.] Ayer talking about music he chose to use in the movie. Will Smith breaks out some beat boxing. “He didn”t use that though.”

[12:34 p.m.] Fan at the mic asks what the cast”s kids, nieces, nephews think of them being in the movie. Smith: “No matter how cool you think you are, your kids think you suck. This is the first one where I'm cool for real.”

[12:39 p.m.] Jared Leto asks crowd, “What”s your favorite movie coming up, the one you”re gonna see on August 5?” Soon thereafter the crowd is chanting, “Suicide Squad! Suicide Squad! Suicide Squad!”

[12:45 p.m.] Lego Batman Movie panel started with an animated panel, complete with a Lego version of moderator Conan O'Brien. Lego Batman says to Hall H: “Mad props to everyone dressed up as me, which I”m guessing you is all of you.” Now the real-world counterparts of Will Arnett and Chris McKay are here.

[12:49 p.m.] First trailer (following a couple teasers) for The Lego Batman Movie features plenty of Robin (voiced by Michael Cera), who freaks out at the sight of the Batcave. Getting in the Batmobile, Robin asks Batman where the seatbetls are. Batman: “First lesson: Life doesn't give you seatbelts.”

[12:53 p.m.] Director Chris McKay, after talking about Batman's relationship with naive Robin, describes the movie as “About a Boy as directed by Michael Mann.”

[12:58 p.m.] Moving on to Kong Skull Island.

[1:02 p.m.] Hall H gets to see the very first unveiled footage from Kong Skull Island. We a brief glimpse at this Kong – he is huge. There”s a great, tense moment with Samuel L. Jackson”s and John Goodman”s characters giving each other a steely glare as Jackson points a gun at Goodman and says, “You are going to tell me everything I don”t know, or i”m going to blow your head off.”

[1:11 p.m.] Some of not-so-pleasant parts of filming Kong Skull Island: Brie Larson said they were “flooded out of locations, attacked by bugs, [dealt with] extreme heat.” Hiddleston calls those locations in Australia “beautiful and terrifying” – the terrifying including poisonous snakes.

[1:18 p.m.] Important update: Tom Hiddleston revealed that he has not been playing Pokemon GO.

[1:19 p.m.] There are significantly fewer cheers for the key art montage introing King Arthur. But Arthur himself, Pacific Rim alum Charlie Hunnam, gets a good round of eager cheers and applause.

[1:24 p.m.] King Arthur: Legend of the Sword footage is very Guy Ritchie. One line of dialogue — “There's something you don't know” — and an apparent vision Arthur gets upon touching Excalibur seems to imply there's more to what the sword is capable of in this interpretation of the medieval legend.

[1:30 p.m.] In the intro for the Fantastic Beasts presentation, the three big screens wrapped around Hall H bring the Hogwarts Express all around the audience.

[1:33 p.m.] Eddie Redmayne says to the darkened Hall H, “We”re gonna need a little more light.” Holds out a wand and says, “Lumos.” And there is light in Hall H! But not enough — now he and folks from WB are handing out wands to everyone in the crowd! And now it's our turn to light the room! 

[1:36 p.m.] Ultimately, the effect of the swirls of CG blue, sparkling light that goes across the screen that precedes all the lights coming on in the hall is a bit underwhelming. But it was really sweet to see the whole Hall H crowd eagerly raising their wands aloft and chorusing, “Lumos Maxima!” all to the tune of John Williams' Harry Potter score.

[1:42 p.m.] Redmayne told us of seeing a mini version of his Newt Scamander character, “There is a Newt Lego figure that has got me more excited than anything has since I was 5.”

[1:45 p.m.] A fan cosplaying King George III as seen in Hamilton gets to ask his second question of the day. O'Brien asks him how he managed that in the room of 7,000 people (and very little time for fan questions). The King just points to his crown. His question was about Colleen Atwood, and now the cast is gushing about the talented costume designer. They reveal she even made period underwear for them. Ezra Miller nods eagerly and says, “I took some home!”

[1:51 p.m.] New Fantastic Beasts trailer feels very much like a monster movie.

[1:53 p.m.] That's a wrap on the WB presentation.

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