Woody Allen’s Amazon series: Pictures show a crisis brewing

08.30.16 3 years ago

After decades of being looked down upon as movie”s ugly step sister, TV is the haven for all the cool kids these days. The latest to join this group is Woody Allen with his upcoming Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes.

The show, which stars Allen, Miley Cyrus, and Rachel Brosnahan, centers on a middle class family whose life becomes slightly chaotic after a guest arrives. We at HitFix have just received some promotional photos for the program, but rather than simply post them, we decided to add some captions of what we think is really going on in these shots.

Crisis in Six Scenes premieres on Amazon Prime on September 30.

“Of course there”s something wrong with drinking white wine before noon. Anyone with any sense of decorum drinks red.”

Alternate caption: Woody doesn”t grasp how musical chairs works.

“Add a mustache and dump the headphones and you”re a dead ringer for Inspector Clouseau.”

“That”s Chief Inspector Clouseau.”

As seen in J. Crew catalog, September 1968

“You know what I love about us? We both love smiling.”

Tracy Turnblad is all grown up.

“Yes. He”ll have a glass of warm milk. I”ll have my usual, a scotch and soda.”

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