‘X-Men’ Fans Will Get A Very Special Surprise Ahead Of ‘Logan’ Screenings This Weekend

WARNING: Spoilers for your probably screenings of Logan this weekend, even if it’s probably already been spoiled for you

Logan is gunning for the crown of “best X-Men movie” currently held by Deadpool and previously held by that Fox Generation X TV movie. The reviews seem to indicate the film is a triumph, ditching all the junk and rumors that followed X-Men: Apocalypse to create a film that not only sends off Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart from the series but also gives fans the Wolverine story they’ve been clamoring for since the first X-Men film.

Sure, it pours dirt over the happy ending in Days of Future Past and likely doesn’t fit in any sort of timeline. But who cares? Like most comics that live on, it’s all about telling a great story.

Now, the reason for this post has nothing to do with Logan itself. The film is out and you should go see for yourself if the reviews are true. And if you do decide to go, you’ll be treated to a fine teaser at the beginning of the film featuring everybody’s favorite mutant:

No, just kidding. It’s Deadpool. A special teaser for Deadpool 2 plays in front of Logan and it shows Ryan Reynold’s as The Merc With A Mouth trying to prepare to swing into action. You can check out a horrible version of the teaser here on Twitter, but it’s likely better to go see it for yourself in the theater or wait for the official version to drop online. The pre-film tease seems to replace the rumored post-credits scene — a great idea — and was put together by Deadpool 2 director David Leitch. It’s got the tone right and there’s even a sly joke to Cable in the phone booth.

It’s sad to see Logan go, but it’s great to know that Deadpool 2 is right around the corner. It seems like Ryan Reynolds got to appear inLogan after all.

Also apologies to the Rogue fans, but people really hate spoilers it seems.

(Via Slash Film)