Watch: Yeah Yeah Yeahs first band ever to shoot music video atop Empire State Building

06.24.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Apparently, no music video has ever been shot on the top of the Empire State Building. Until now.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the New York band, took to a New York icon for their new clip for “Despair,” the second single from their latest album “Mosquito.”

Patrick Daughters — who’s totally our favorite — shot the clip, which has the band meeting at the peak of the 102-story building in parts, with Karen O’s vocal track starting out a capella. It crescendos to the rising of the sun at the same time as O sings (you guessed it) “my sun is your sun.”

Everybody’s dreamed of having an aerial view of you mugging for the camera from a quarter of a mile in the sky on one of the most famous skyscrapers ever. Getting the filming co-produced by Noisey (who premiered the clip), YYYs had the backers to make that dream happen. You’ll just have to work with Google View and Photoshop for now. I personally have much more in common with the version of O sleeping at the bar at the beginning of the video.

Read HitFix’s review of “Mosquito” here.

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