Yes, this is a tease of a new Bon Iver song

I avoid posting teaser-snippets of songs because I hate not-news (I’m looking at you Britney), but in this case, I’m making an exception.

Bon Iver posted a 50-second wordless music clip with some video of a pretty object to the website.

I justify this discussion because, one, I loved the “Blood Bank” EP and “For Emma, Forever Ago,” and 2008 was forever ago; two, as confirmed by a pair of sources, this is material that will be on the Bon Iver sophomore set; and three, now that Vernon’s played in a pair of other recent bands (Gayngs, Volcano Choir) and his name has only grown in stature since “For Emma” has gone global and Kanye West and Peter Gabriel joined Team Vernon, there is assurance that Bon Iver’s next release could be one of the biggest independent releases of the year. Self-conscious hand-wringing, over and out.

I can’t say much about the clip, except that it certainly sounds like Vernon, the choirs sound right on par with expectations and I can’t wait to hear what that crescendo is all about.

According to Rolling Stone, ish may be out as soon as June and has taken a while because Vernon needed to re-learn the songwriting process; he also describes one of the 10 album songs as a “Civil-war sounding heavy metal song.” If Vernon doesn’t wear a uniform, I’m gonna be pissed.

Let it begin!

Untitled from Bon Iver on Vimeo.