Zachary Levi Describes Why His ‘Shazam!’ Costume Might Be Even More Unpleasant Than Deadpool’s

Warner Bros.

Actors who play superheroes almost always complain about their costumes. It’s something that Ant-Man and The Wasp star Evangeline Lilly enjoyed teasing her male colleagues about. Theoretically, the outfits have grown more tolerable than decades past, given that a cooling ventilation system is often in play, but that doesn’t stop the grumbling. Prior to Deadpool 2‘s release last year, Ryan Reynolds kept the quips rolling with a particularly vivid description of why his costume was so terrible — because he was terrified that he’d vomit in the mask, and there’s no space for that vomit to go. He said that sucker was so tight that “I can actually taste my own genitals.” Well, Shazam star Zachary Levi is here with his own input.

While speaking with Cinema Blend, Levi said that his discomfort issue was a common one, but it’s also one that Deadpool might not have to deal with:

It’s what everybody says, it’s the inconvenience of when you need to go to the bathroom. Yeah, because in order for it to look great, you have to have it kind of be seamless. You can’t have a bunch of zippers and things everywhere, unless you’re like Deadpool, I guess. He had a bunch of zippers.

Wellll, to be fair — Deadpool’s costume has the appearance of being covered in zippers, but Reynolds previously called the suit “a big, red body condom,” which meant that he needed several people to help him don and remove the suit each day. He never did specify whether or not a strategically placed zipper provided bathroom-related relief, so we really don’t know whether Reynolds had to suffer through that inconvenience as well, but zippers may not have actually been plentiful for him.


Regardless, these costumes usually do look fantastic onscreen, and Zachary Levi appears to be otherwise entirely grateful for his childlike-superhero gig. Shazam! arrives in theaters on April 5.

(Via Cinema Blend)