Zendaya’s Mysterious Role In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Has Leaked And May Hint At A Complicated Future


Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters next month, and the glut of excellent superhero films that have already been released in 2017 has kept people in a pretty constant spandex and heroics high. Despite a terrible poster, Homecoming appears to be a charming followup to the web slinger’s MCU introduction in Captain America: Civil War.

Early on in the casting process, racist dudebros of the internet were in an uproar over the casting of Disney star Zendaya, then thought to be playing Peter Parker’s iconic love Mary Jane Watson. While the colorblind casting would have been cool, it was later revealed that Zendaya would be playing a character named “Michelle.” No other details were released about the character (although some speculated that she could be a young version of Michelle Gonzales), but it seems that Marvel may have accidentally spoiled itself on this one.

According to Nerdist, the junior novelization of the film let slip that Michelle’s last name is actually Toomes, making her the daughter of Adrian Toomes, Michael Keaton’s character and the film’s main villain. Honestly, this sets up two interesting options for the character: either she sides with Peter, setting father against daughter, or she’ll join in the Vulture’s cause and become a fellow super villain. While that’d be a little derivative of the Green Goblin storyline (already done in both film iterations of Spidey), setting up Zendaya as the next film’s antagonist could be an interesting step.

Damn it. Marvel keeps giving me reasons to care about Spider-Man again.

(Via Nerdist)