‘Zipper’ stars Dianna Agron and Richard Dreyfuss talk political sex scandals

PARK CITY. Stop us if you've heard this one before: A handsome Golden Boy politician is moving up the political ladder only to have his progress threatened by a scandal brought about by his sexual appetites.

That's the thumbnail sketch for Mora Stephens' “Zipper,” which features Patrick Wilson as Sam Ellis, a Southern lawyer on the cusp of a nation election. To deflect temptation away from his firm's attractive young intern (Dianna Agron), Sam spirals deep into the world of high-priced escorts, a secret that could cause issues for his cutthroat campaign svengali (Richard Dreyfuss).

“The movie is designed to provoke a dialogue,” says director and co-writer Stephens, who previously directed 2006's “Conventioners.”

“Zipper” had its world premiere on Wednesday night and shortly before the premiere, I stood on a Main Street balcony hoping that it wouldn't rain on Stephens and co-stars Dreyfuss and Agron. [“I won't melt,” a game Agron reassured me.] This “Zipper” trio got lucky and the rain held off. Star Patrick Wilson was less lucky a few minutes later.

I have to mention that this interview was conducted before anybody had a chance to see “Zipper.” If the interview had taken place on Thursday, I would have already known the answer to several of my questions and I would have discussed a few different things. That's just how it goes up here sometimes.

Without specifics, we mostly talked about political sex scandals — If they matter to us, why they matter to us and which ones particular inspired “Zipper.”

Dreyfuss and Agron are both politically passionate and that comes out in this conversation.

Check it out below and stay tuned for the “Zipper” portion of my Patrick Wilson chat: