Andy Shauf Tells A Disheartening Tale About Parenthood On ‘Living Room’

On his upcoming album The Neon Skyline, Andy Shauf is telling a simple story. As press materials have put it, “the narrator goes to his neighborhood dive, finds out his ex is back in town, and she eventually shows up.” That’s a tale he continues on his latest single, “Living Room.”

Press materials say of the song, “Shauf makes music that explores how easy it is to repeat the same mistakes of your past. This is immediate in the foreboding ‘Living Room,’ during which a character falls into the same, disheartening pattern her father was once in and later asks herself, ‘How hard is it to give a sh*t?'” That last bit refers to the song’s narrative lyrics, in which a mother recounts a time when her son wants to show her a drawing he made, but she brushed it off. As she does so, it dawns on her that this experience mirrors one she once had with her father, an occurrence that left her feeling disheartened.

Shauf also has a tour coming up following the release of the album, which will keep him on the road from February to May and include stops across the US, Canada, and Europe.

The Neon Skyline is out 01/24 via ANTI-/Arts & Crafts. Pre-order it here.