Bartees Strange Played ‘Boomer’ While Surrounded By Body Parts For His TV Debut On ‘Late Night’

Proportionately to all the artists who have ever seriously pursued music, very few of them ever get to perform on national television. So, Bartees Strange joined an exclusive club last night when he made his TV debut on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

For the show, he and his band performed Live Forever highlight “Boomer” in a pre-taped performance. He and his band took to a mint-colored room and confidently ran through the track in front of a wall adorned with things like a human rib cage, animal skulls, and other anatomical decorations.

Bartees has been rightfully excited about making his TV debut, as he was hyping it up on social media in the preceding days. He made the announcement a couple days ago, writing, “Yo this is crazy – but on Monday at 12:35am ET I’ll be making my TV Debut. S/o to @latenightseth for rocking w/ Live Forever, and for having us on to play Boomer. We went all out for this, so don’t miss it.” Last night, he added, “Excited to play Boomer w/ the boys tonight on @latenightseth. Steal your grandmothers Hulu live. Tell your ex you love them, so you can get their dad’s cable login. Do whatever you have to do to watch us play boomer. It’s gonna be a trip. thanks @sethmeyers for having us on.” Meyers gave Bartees some praise in response to a tweet as well, tweeting, “One of my favorite songs off one of the best albums of last year! Can’t wait, @Bartees_Strange!”

Watch Bartees Strange perform “Boomer” on Late Night above.