Bat For Lashes Begins The Story Of Her Cinematic Upcoming Album With The ‘Kids In The Dark’ Video

Last month, Natasha Khan announced that her next Bat For Lashes album, Lost Girls, would be coming out on September 6 via AWAL Recordings. At the time, she also shared the record’s lead single, “Kids In The Dark,” a synthwave-influenced indie pop track with a throwback aesthetic. Now Khan has shared a video for the song, and it is appropriately styled. The Lost Girls album focuses on a character named Nikki Pink, and this video shows the story of how Pink became a Lost Girl, a tale that involves romance in the hills of Los Angeles.

Press materials say the album “sees Khan dreaming up her own fully formed parallel universe, creating an off-kilter coming of age film in which gangs of marauding female bikers roam our streets, teenagers make out on car hoods and a powerful female energy casts spells and leave clues for us to follow.” It was also referred to as “an album full of romance, a homage to Los Angeles where the album was recorded, to being a kid in the 80’s, to films that touched and changed her life.”

Watch Bat For Lashes’ “Kids In The Dark” video above.

Lost Girls is out 09/06 via AWAL Recordings. Pre-order it here.