Big Thief Performed A Soulful Rendition Of ‘Two Hands’ And ‘Not’ On ‘CBS This Morning’

Indie folk-rockers Big Thief stopped by CBS This Morning to bring their soulful sound and beautifully intricate lyrics to morning television. Hailing from Brooklyn, Big Thief has been highly prolific this year, impressively putting forth two full-length albums in just five months. Big Thief performed “Two Hands,” “Not,” and “Forgotten Eyes” off their most recent release Two Hands.

The album arrives just a few months after their previous record U.F.O.F. Big Thief began their CBS This Morning with their most recent album’s title track, “Two Hands.” Vocalist Adrianne Lenker masterfully melts her crooked and earnest vocals over rolling guitar chords. On the track, Lenker’s convoluted lyrics tell the story of a complicated relationship. “You somehow took me in / Both arms / The marked-up skin / Two hands / Places you have been / That I needed.”

Ahead of the televised performance, Lenker previously said the album has songs she is the proudest of. “Two Hands has the songs that I’m the most proud of; I can imagine myself singing them when I’m old. Musically and lyrically, you can’t break it down much further than this. It’s already bare-bones.”

Watch Big Thief perform “Two Hands” above and “Not” and “Forgotten Eyes” below.

Two Hands is out now via 4AD. Get it here.