Bon Iver Is Teasing Something With A Mysterious ‘Sincerity Is Forever In Season’ Video

The most recent Bon Iver album was 2016’s 22, A Million, and while there’s no concrete news about its follow-up yet, it appears that one could be on the way. A month ago, he shared a pair of new songs (“Hey, Ma” and “U (Man Like)”) and unveiled a strange new website, iCOMMAi. Now the band has released a mysterious new video titled “Sincerity Is Forever In Season,” and it appears to be a trailer or teaser for something. Whatever it is, it seems to be related to iCOMMAi.

The minute-long video (which was created/produced/directed by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson) features a montage of nature clips and a gruff-sounding voiceover, all scored by snippets of songs from throughout the Bon Iver discography. The video also features the slogan “Keep it Restaurant,” a promise that something is “coming soon,” and a note that whatever this is was produced by Chris Messina, Brad Cook, and Justin Vernon.

Vernon previously said of Bon Iver in a press release related to iCOMMAi, “This project began with a single person, but throughout the last 11 years, the identity of Bon Iver has bloomed and can only be defined by the faces in the ever growing family we are.”

Watch the “Sincerity Is Forever In Season” video above.